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Americans waited with baited breath to hear from the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump speak to the American People after having to endure a stolen election and hundreds of attacks before, during and after his presidency. He sat down with Sean Hannity of Fox News in a blow the doors off the train moment, when he called out Biden and the Cabal of wealthy elites who control the Deep State and the Democratic Party. These links are valid news sources even if left leaning, research and make up your own mind.

President Trump went on to say the Border Crisis was self inflicted by the Biden Administration. Biden should have left everything on cruise control but he couldn’t have it that way. Far be it from Biden to show human decency and morality to want to save children. It is becoming common knowledge that the Cabal has been behind the child sex trafficking and human trafficking across the world and President Trump had the wherewithal to call them all out on National TV. I know this is an opinion piece so that will be what you get.

They stole the election to hide their crimes against humanity world wide. They stole the election because they wanted to rule us, the American People. Our President Trump and those who are in this fight know what is on the line. We will not stop and you will hear us all over the world.

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