March 30, 2023


God, Guns & Country


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The monsters that prey upon children are being found out world-wide. This is the real problem and real issues of every country on the planet. Every year in the US over 800,000 children go missing and most are out of CPS Services like in the EU. They simply fall through the cracks they say. This is a HUGE PROBLEM WORLDWIDE!

It is in no way simple, good or descent of anyone to be associated with this kind of carry-on. One might ask WTH is Wrong With Ya? The Fake News refuses to report on the CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING BACK UP AT THE US BORDER- DUE TO BIDEN POLICIES MISLEADING CHILDREN INTO BEING RAPED, SEX TRAFFICKED AND KILLED. THIS, IS IN NO WAY, SHAPE, FORM OR FASHION, SHOULD A CHILD EVER HAVE TO BE SUBJECTED TOO.

This story released Today Nearly 500 acts of violence have been perpetrated against asylum-seekers who were denied entry into the U.S. via the southern border since Joe Biden was elected president.

The EU is now reporting on thousands of children going missing. It is not about the political spin of (unaccompanied minors)=CHILDREN, Under the age of 18 in US. Research for yourself!

RT Today’s, Kevin Karp has this story: The recent influx of migrants seeking asylum in Europe has brought with it a disturbing phenomenon: thousands of unaccompanied minors=children who have disappeared off the radar of record-keeping departments.

International journalism collective  Lost in Europe revealed on Sunday that over 18,000 unaccompanied minors have gone missing since arriving in European countries from 2018 to 2020. Not only is that figure likely too low, as currently 17 EU Member States and the UK do not provide full data on these disappearances, but the continent’s resources are currently maladapted to deal with what may be a main cause of the phenomenon: rampant exploitation of minors by criminal networks within Europe, some of which are run by adult migrants themselves.

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