Long ago, when I was in college I was introduced to a start up undercover magazine per say, I would catch up time to time via youtube or some online chatter. 2015 gave way to the unmasking of the KKK Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood Community Group affiliate known to people around the world as ACORN. Since its demise per exposure by Project Veritas and Glenn Beck, has morphed into another bus entity arm of the deep state. Big Pharma has been involved as in brokerage of deals of human body parts via Fetus=baby or child=under12 or adult for research purposes so their 501 C 3 says. That is what they hide behind. I thought we had a law about human decency. What happened to protect the children? What happened to IT’S WRONG!

Project Verita’s took this on and blew the lid off planned parenthood’s body parts selling and distribution to big pharma. Needless to say James O’Keefe has made a name for himself in uncovering truth and exposing lies and the under dealings of deep state operatives with in New York Times, CNN, TWITTER, ABC shall I continue? lol How would I characterize James O’Keefe, unwavering in exposing the Truth.

Here is a Catch UP NYT LAWSUIT/PROJECT VERITAS We ask that you support all the news sites we host on this website as wwg1wga.

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