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Recently the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump gave an exclusive interview to Fox News, Maria Bartiromo, April 29th, 2021.

The President spoke openly and honestly about the issues facing the United States. He did not candy coat the situation, He spoke the truth on every point he was ask about. I am writing this article to articulate the points he made.

The interview began with Maria Bartiromo introducing the President and asking about Biden’s address to congress. Mr. President, Thank you for calling in this morning.

Good Morning and, I thought Tim Scott last night was fantastic! I thought he did an incredible job. I am not at all surprised but, I thought he did a great job.

President Donald J. Trump

What struck you from Joe Biden’s joint session to congress?

President Trump stated that he, (Joe Biden) didn’t address any of the issues at the border.

One thing he didn’t discuss was the border and tens of thousands of illegals are pouring onto our country many of them crimminals, many of them people from jails, many of them doing acts you don’t even want to know about, and they are pouring into our country by the thousands at a level that’s never seen before and they are doing absolutely nothing. The wall is almost completed would have been completed, if I didn’t get sued by congress and the democrats every single moment. We beat those cases. We built most the wall almost 500 miles.

President Donald J. Trump

They went on to discuss the border crisis and the Stay in Mexico Policy.

We won that and they did away with it and it could destroy our country and we had the best border we had in history. All they had to do was leave it alone. The Border Patrol done a fantastic Job. The Ice Agents are phenomonal people.

President Donald J. Trump

Remain in Mexico policy removed in one month alone there was 172 thousand illegals on the border. It’s going to get much worse.

Fox News Maria Bartimoromo, President Donald J. Trump

They were paying them 500 million dollars to these countries and for what? They weren’t helping. Now, they want to give these third world countries 4 BILLION dollars.

President Donald J. Trump

It’s Ridiculous! Won’t go where its mean’t to go.

President Donald J. Trump

They said we would not have the Vaccine for 3-5 years.

We had it in less than 9 months. Operation Warp Speed was a Military Operation.

President Donald J. Trump

The vaccines saved millions of lives around the world and that was all done by Trump.

They want me to do a Public Service Message for the vaccine, in a certian way I am the father of the vaccine.

President Donald J. Trump

President Trump did put a plan into action to meet the incoming corona virus situation as reports were emerging from China. He shut down travel from China and Europe to buy valuable time to prepare as best that America could in face of an incoming catastrophic unseen enemy. Trump pushed the FDA, he negotiated with Big Pharma and purchased undeveloped vaccines for the American people in the face of a grave enemy.

Bidens economic Policy or lack ther of… 6 TRILLION in SPENDING since Jan. 20, 2021

  • Green new Deal does not include defense or border spending.
  • Trump warns of the terrible things, they will do to the 2nd Ammendment.
  • This will be the Largest Tax increase in the History of the United States of America.


  • Highest number of jobs produced in the history of the United States 160 million.
  • Ventilators and masks Vaccine


  • Will drive manufacturing out of the usa.
  • All taxes will increase, when they remove the Trump tax cuts.


  • GDP is at 9% That Foundation laid by the Trump Administration.
  • The Negative effects of Biden Policies will lead to devistation down the road, fake stimulus and not real numbers.
  • Covid we handled it better than any other country in the world.
  • 75 million votes in the Election .AZ Senate Forensic Audit, tremedous corruption.

John Kerry on Israel and giving secrets to Iran.

It’s definately a violation of the Logan Act and he gave over Israel, to Iran in the recording, There is more than what you are reporting and its totally illegal.

President Donald J. Trump

The raid on Rudys apartment, Rudy is a patriot they had a warrant said he did not file ..

Did Hunter FIle?

Did Joe File?

Did Podesta File?

Corruption and problems:

Local Level Teachers Unions.

  • We need to get the schools Open and Cities Open Its the Democrat run cities that are having all these problems New York, California and Michigan.
  • Horrible impacts on schools Schools need to be open and these Teachers Unions

Your thoughts on HR 1 ? Detrimental

He is considering a run in 2024, he got 75 million votes.

Keystone Pipeline

They need to fire the Union heads they need to be FIRED for democratic support with their Union dues Quit paying the dues, its corrupt nobody could be that stupid.

President Donald J. Trump

Fire the Union Leaders for wasting the Union Dues (money)

President Donald J. Trump

Tony Fauci, lil Tony Fauci, flip flops on masks wants to make you wear 5 of them.

Don’t ban China… Had I not banned China we would have had a much bigger problems. People understand this that is why I got 75 million votes.

President Donald J. Trump

Crimes in Cities Double digit crime numbers These are all Democratic run cities New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. New York City Police Union Endorsed Donald Trump.

President Donald J. Trump

Yes, the democrats want to defund the Police. They really want to defund the Police.

  • Going after Rudy when the crime in the City is so high in New York. Democrat run cities are where these problems are.
  • Big Tech censoring The New York Post, great journalism great writing, stepped up to the plate really amazing the oldest paper in the United States.


Big Voice on twitter and they banned a large voice, a press release, a better, more elegant way.

Nobody seen so many lawyers in Arizona over 100.

They don’t want the real facts to come out.

The public get Big Tech more than you think.

President Donald J. Trump

You get hammered if you speak what you feel is true.

Fox News Maria Bartiromo

I think they are going to far. 230 is gift, no there company has that gift, an immunity from the the government and that makes them no longer a private company as far as I am concerned.

President Donald J. Trump

Hawley, Cruise and Blackburn working very hard on this issue.

What do you have to say to your followers?

Have courage, keep fighting, it’s going to happen. We’re going to turn it around. They’ve gone too far. They can’t get away with this. We can’t allow them to get away with this. They are destroying our country. Have courage, it’s going to happen. I’m with you. I am very very strongly x 10 considering to do what everybody wants me to do, and you know when you announce early, I don’t know if you know, but that has a big impact on fundraising, and many other things so, its a little bit of a crazy complex thing. The whole fundraising thing, campaign contributions stuff is ridiculous.

The laws are so archaic and stupid frankly. I am so committed to this country like, frankly, never before, I just say keep fighting,have courage and I believe they have gone just too far.

They are using the AG’s to destroy people and they want to destroy people, great people, great patriots and they are using, they are politicizing this whole situation with the attorney’s general office, with local AG’s with what is going on is Horrible! it’s Horrible! and going again after the Rudy Guliani’s of the world when you have murderers, pouring into this country at our southern border. Murderers, rapists and terrorist and people, by the way people from the middle east too, not just the countries we discussed.

They are coming in from Yemen, various countries, all countries from the middle east and this is just starting. It’s a horrible thing. Have faith we are going to bring it back. We cannot allow them to get away with what they are doing.

President Donald J. Trump

Mr. President this has been a Terrrific interview.

Maria you do have great courage your outstanding and we apperciate it.

And just like that President Donald Trump laid out the differences in a well run flourishing country and Biden’s dark winter desolate wasteland.

I am on the side of Truth. So is our President Trump. God Bless and Keep and Guide them all.

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