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Everyone fawns over twitter and it’s decisions and how they ban this and that. I stumbled onto some statistics that might surprise you to a considerable amount. Mind you, I am no Math Whiz, as I have Math Anxiety. Let me get to the Guts of THIS!

The President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump got over 75 Million Votes honestly, in the 2020 Presidential Election. Everyone knows the election was corrupt and democrats colluded with big tech. It is now common knowledge although the Fake Major News will not report it.

According to Twitter data: There are only and I do mean only….36 Million (Daily Users) in the United States. Only 69 Million (Users Monthly)……Fair Enough. So,..Out of 330 Million Users on Twitter…in a Month only 69 Million are in the United States according to this Data.

As I said, I am not good at Math, but from what I can gather, 330 Million (Twitter World Users) -69 Million (Twitter USA Users) = 261 Million (Twitter World Users) (MONTHLY).

Trumps Votes alone buries this Data in the Dirt.



According to the data we just showed. Twitter has not changed its numbers, although the lies, do reflect in the their trending topics as to exactly how many people, can they get to Trend. It took only 20 K =THOUSAND, TREND to Remove from the Desk of Donald Trump… Let that sink in.. For such a small slice of the population on twitter 20K determines who can be on there or not.

President Donald J. Trump and the MAGA movement, Q, Evangelical Christians, all over the world. Anyone who stood against Twitter’s political socialist ideology was purged or banned and blocked from using the platform.

The Screen shot from above also provides the numbers that Twitter still has not changed to this day as it might make their monetary stock portfolio fall over shall we continue?

They Boast of 166 Million in Monetized Daily Active Users. 166 Million -75 Million USA USERS = Leaves right around 81 Million World Users.

WORLD USERS 81 Million


They have taken after others worldwide, as well in the banning of Russia Today. ( 9 Million RUSSIAN USERS) =Usage on Twitter Platform.

Twitter will not tell the Public they have only 72 Million on average Daily monetized users they have Banned and De-platformed all the others. THAT’S REALLY SMART BUSINESS, JACK! NOT! BOOM!


Now if you have a 20 K Trend that is still no where near 1/3 Twitter Population. So the “because it’s Trending and they have too”, is a FALLACY! It’s the Socialist Showing in them.

Just Because something Trends does not make it RIGHT! End of Story!

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