It’s The Exploitation and Breach of Civil Trust. AZ #MAGA= Obstruction Charges.

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My Penny’s Worth

Our President Donald J. Trump, tweeted about the #AZ AUDIT. If there ever were a crooked, ramrod, deceitful, evil plan, this would be it. Fake News Media are loosing their grip, meltdowns are abound. They ( Fake Media, DS, C,CP) just broke another law by deleting information to do with the 2020~Election in Maricopa, County, AZ. The AZ Senator is letting the world know that this is bad. In my humble opinion, its a disgrace to the United States Electoral Commission. This is so unprofessional everyone should be fired who participated in this big old pile of ………………..

Did you know? It is a federal Crime for 1 ballot to leave the USA. They think we’re that ignorant. Don’t Think So!


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