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President Trump Gives Biden a F in Leadership.

In an interview with Cosby on WABC President Donald J. Trump spoke from his heart about the shape of America. Trump update 5/13/2021..President Trump Interview with Rita Cosby on 77 WABC.


The hour long interview, covered topics like: His reaction to the Ouster of Liz Cheney…

She’s a loser. I don’t care about her.

President Donald J. Trump

His comments on ISRAEL… Democrats are no longer Pro-Israel.

Cosby ask of the many, many, many Biden Crisis and the President said “Biden is making his own Crisis.” Cosby ask the former President to rate Biden on Leadership and his answer was..

Border gets and F, that’s easy and overall we are becoming a Socialist Country and that’s no good.

President Donald J. Trump

Cosby ask for a rating on Biden Administration too and the President said he would not do that. He is very unhappy for the country.

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