The Fake News are getting a taste of their own nasty medicine when they found out this week real people do not act like they do for the whole world to see. They so mistreated our legitimate President Donald J. Trump, acting like snarling pack of hyenas…

It all started with the Biden G-7 Meeting and things, well they rolled down hill from that point on there was no stopping that train of useful idiotic reporting that was about to rare it’s ugly head and embarrass America on the world stage as if the World isn’t laughing enough already with knowing Biden is not our President and the fake news media running about like lapdogs for the CCP.

Laughable Embarrassment and Shame they should feel to act in such a manner, about time they were called out, and called out and taken care of, they were.

NBC kicks off the Headlines with their posturing and cutting of the interview with President of Russia Vladimir Putin,only to get called out in the interview for inappropriate behavior in an interview. Watch full Video Here See the Edits for yourself.

They could not help themselves, oh no the Journalists traveling in the Press Pool decides to get in a screaming match talking over the leaders in a press conference they were to be covering….SO! They are forcibly removed from the room.

Reporters from both countries pushed each other, yelled and talked over the world leaders’ remarks.

Not one time did they ever think they had crossed a line and none could see they had till the meeting was over and Biden emerged looking like he had just been embarrassed and was not happy about it. Did the press corps notice? No, not at all. In fact another exchange happened.

Biden Snubs Reporters AGAIN After US Media Blocked From Putin Meeting (VIDEO)

Did that make these so called Professional Journalist SNOOTY SNOOTS Re-evaluate their behavior? oh NO! Lets go ahead and see how this goes for CNN… Whom is by the way next on the list of…. Which way did he go George?

They dig the hole deeper even…

CNN Still not enough, they go into full flip out mode on Biden, like going from zero to no traction and sinking quick…..

So C-SPAN decides they’re going to take calls for Brian Stelter hear for your self what American all over the country think!


Joe Rogan laid it out there no holds barred.

So yes the Fake News Has had a terrible week and I will Sum this story up with a tweet from one of my fav Twitter Peeps….


This Caps Off The Week for NBC John Stewart On COLBERT!

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