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Revelations that are now pouring out about the Covid-19 Origins. Now we have emails of the US Federal Government deleting information at the behest of the CCP. The virus comes from Wuhan. Wuhan is in China. Google Funded it. Everyone knows now it’s been in the public domain for almost a year or more and they the mainstream media do like the rule of public domain. It has become the pain in the neck for the commies throughout our nation. Now More Fear Mongering with the Delta Variant… PAHLESE!

The FBI’s Facebook “BIGTECH” not only colluded with the CDC, Fauci, corporations and democrats and the ccp to censor Americans, and President Trump, on the Election………..before during and after and until this very day! They have been involved in every aspect of issues at the D.C. Protest and..all over the world by trying to control their narrative and the truth as to what they have done to our country and the world. Protests were staged in the UK #ENOUGISENOUGH over the COVID Lies and Lockdowns. India just launched a suit against the WHO over withholding life saving information.

President Trump was right about everything.

The man from what I know from outside. This man actually does believe in our country and loves his country as we all do. None want to us, to fall to communism as the democrats have planned for us. President Trump is my President and he won the 2020 VOTE!

I remember, hearing about the legitimate President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, way before he was President of the United States of America. He was a real estate mogul that my mom had told us about. She said, he was a a very smart man, a genius and that he would make a wonderful President one day. As time went on Donald J. Trump even became more well known, inking many lucrative business deals. He built an outstanding real estate business like the world had never seen. He was so admired, in-fact, he had a successful television show on NBC’S Apprentice and the BIG BEAUTIFUL WORDS! YOU’RE FIRED!

His greatest challenge lay ahead as he came down the escalator in New York City. He was asked to run for President and it was not a burden to take on lightly for him or his family. A leader and commander in chief like no other, did he stand between the American People and the evil and poisonous government filled cess pool in Washington D. C. aka (THESWAMP), D.S. Deep State Cabal. The press who loved Donald J. Trump turned on him and the attacks got so bad the fake news media continued to act out as the tentacles of the ccp doing its propaganda bidding. The fake news got so bad with the attacks that they embarrassed the USA on the World Stage with their behavioral issues. They continue to flounder as Project Verita’s continues to expose their corruption and collusion to destroy our country.

FBI’s involvement went much deeper into Corporate America and the Military and the world as everyone is seeing with the woke Generals.

Americans across the country and world heard the call and parents and family’s have risen up to fight these far left ideologies that are geared to destroy the dignity, personal freedoms and human consciousness of privacy and freedom of any kind.

President Trump’s lifetime achievements cannot be surmised into a single piece of paper, nor did he break any of his promises to the American People underneath a hail of Constant Arrows and Spears from the SWAMP. He and his faithful battled back victoriously and the truth will will prevail. He has been found right, on every aspect of the traps they had laid for him and they have fallen in and now are realizing that they were naively blind by hate or they are just talking out the backside of a Eastbound Donkey.

President Donald J. Trump will go down as the most beloved and best President in American History and we are all blessed to be a part of this.

This is just the beginning and I do believe that the states will see the error of the STOLEN Presidential ELECTION Crime of the Century. President Donald J. Trump will be rightfully seated as President of the United States Of America with our Beautiful First Lady at his side.

The American people are waking in mass numbers, that is all thanks to The Greatest President of My Lifetime! PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.

I know as we all go into this coming week, I just pray for everyone and that the Lord be with and guide us and protect as we carry on in our way of walking on our paths.

I am aware that we have all of these things, you all give me Wonderful, Hope, Peace and Joy!

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