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My Fellow Patriots

Please forgive my absence as I have not been feeling well at all as of late its issue I have had for about 7 years and it tends to give me problems sometimes. Never the less on wards and upwards.

I have come to see many videos and hear many ideas of what is going on and who said what and this that and the other. If it gets to jumbled I take a step back and pray and then continue on so if you cannot handle how I work, that is just how it has to be sometimes nothing but Prayer will do.

I hear Juan O. Savin giving a talk on the difference between DEFCON and COGCON. Within 24 hours I saw a video of another lady who also saw the same video and her interpretation was not what I understood. She said that Mr. O’Savin had contacted her to let her know that he did not say we were at DEFCON 1. The clip they are referring too is where he is explaining the differences due to a question that came in via twitter between DEFCON and COGCON.

The attacks on the Anons keep coming, I have heard many screaming and pissing and moaning about Mel K, Dr. Charlie Ward, Simon Parks, David Nino Rodriguez, Melissa Red Pill and others who have a good message to get out and others are doing their best to bring them down. I am stand with these people as we have been standing along time.

All I see, is Jealousy of others on bitchute. I won’t mention names as they are pissing and crying loud enough!, because if it weren’t they would not mention the numbers they have in comparison to the ones such as Our friends mentioned above they are slamming just saying. To get to these people you are going to have to go through us and we will not be relenting and we will show no mercy. We the People want the TRUTH! It is all going to come out.