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The day started off somber as usual as we started to watch the ceremonies that commemorated those lost 20 years ago on Sept 11, 2001.

The usual Riga ma roe of photo ops for former Presidents as they go to Pennsylvania, the Pentagon and Ground Zero. Have you noticed those photo op Presidents didn’t give a speech for a hope or even a kind word about what is going on in country?

The Fake News Media literally had planned hit pieces on President Trump already slamming him for being scheduled to be at the fights for Charity.

They were so ready to pounce and start their fake crybaby tactics and Karen screaming but they were TRUMPED!

Pardon the Pun But they were!

The Biden Administration are such treasonous bastards, there is not a nice way to put it and get the emphasis right the horrors these people have inflicted and continue to inflict on mankind cannot stand and when you see someone who can light a place in a dark time.

The first responders the men and women of the NYPD AND NYFD were surprised to get a visit from former President Donald J. Trump. His message was healing and inspirational as we all know the election was stolen. He is our rightful President and only our rightful President would be able to inspire and give hope on such a somber and sullen day.

President Donald J. Trump our legitimate President,did just that! His relentless commitment to the American People has been unwavering and steadfast, and for such a commitment he has acted on the behalf of the American People, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights. These Truths are Self-Evident….are the reasons he holds the line because like every American Patriot who felt loss on 9/11, we have to know the TRUTH!

If you ever had any doubt about who our rightful President is, this will answer your question unequivocally.

When was the last time you saw New Yorker’s Smile on 9/11? God has got this! Buckle Up!