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It seems it’s getting harder and harder to post on my tablets and only having access from home when the internet is not so grand is a pain in the ass, as you all well know but that aside. I have been dealing with some family issues as we’ve lost two family members in the last few months and that is where that is.

I have my good days and my bad and I do check on things and I have comprised some info, while, I was trying to just wrap my head around all these things and deal with the loss of my family here on earth. I am aware this a spiritual battle but sometimes it can manifest in the physical. I will live, I will continue to fight and I continue to pray. I am going to celebrate my Sister and My Niece’s lives, because that is what I am led to do not drowned in sorrow. Being Native American our grief is our own and how we handle it and who we want to be around during that time is our own business and not the Gossip’s. ALL THAT CAN BE SAID IS IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE PURPLE T SHIRTS REPRESENTED AND WHERE THE ORIGINAL PHRASE “I LOVE YOU MORE!” came from and is ABOUT! YOU MISSED OUT!