Child Trafficking



Q said follow HUMA, what has she been doing? 

The following are links and information as found…all links will be truth and verified.

We know the Clinton Foundation Law firm Perkins Coie also happens to have let go Clinton lackey and Durham investigatee John Sussman happens to be being represented by the lawyer who was married to cinema photographer whom Alec Baldwin shot dead in New Mexico this past week. Remember Alec Baldwin numerous times on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express Child Trafficking Plane. That Trial for Ghislaine Maxwell Starts in New York on November 29,2021. 

Speaking of if you get the chance go on gateway pundit the chick they had in charge of the armory on set her videos show her in not such a professional light to say the very least. Look for yourself do not take my word for it.

Also same cat on film with Brandon Lee, coincidence I think not.

Durham to call James Baker in Clinton Foundation DNC Sussman case.

(DS) Politicians are dropping off the radar in record numbers as all the sudden they will let go of their cozy lil lives of raping and pillaging of our Country, it’s People and the world.

Here is a good example of that very thing BARCLAY’S Yes The Banksters…CEO STEPS DOWN! OVER EPSTEIN. 

Yes, there is far more going on than what I have listed here but I can’t give you everything. I can however continue to post and update as best I can and know I am working on a new email and other alternative measures to get around the censorship.