You know I am not aware of how many times(and there were allot) the FAKE NEWS MEDIA Interfered in the Real President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump trying to talk to the American Public about COVID-19 went as far as to cut off and not air his Presidential press conferences and updates stopping them and cutting back to local stations in some cases as they usually took place around 4 pm CST. Several local affiliates were surprised at the lame stream media’s actions towards our President Donald J. Trump and denied the American People the right to hear what our duly elected President had to say at the time.

They do not mention how not only did they suppress him but they also suppressed the life saving information and tried to discredit the China Virus Lab Leak, Which is Correct, by the way, what we all know now is “They decided they would decide what was taken from the press conferences and given to the public. That was a huge wake up call to allot of people.

I know, I was channel surfing watching them. They started trying to censor him even more after the Twitter ban.

They have lied so much and flip flopped so bad on this narrative they cannot stop from tripping over themselves in these continual attacks on President Trump and do you know why?

Research for yourself their plandemic Klaus Schwab and his COVID-19 book. They created this vaccine and patent years before there was a leak in Wuhan to attack America. Can’t be a coincidence that Fauci funded Wuhan bat lady through NAID and NIH and the virus just happens to come from there and the patent belongs to the US Government.

I thought never in my life have I ever seen such vial disrespect for the Office of the President of the United States of America in all my life, by an American Citizens much less the so called ” DS Non-Professional Press Associations” and affiliated Fake News Media Organizations. These media mockingbirds continue to spew their filth at President Donald J. Trump.

Back to the INTERFERENCE, the media continue to piss and moan over our President Donald J. Trump calling them out for being paid propagandists. That is in fact is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

What about the media’s interference in the 2020 Presidential Election? I want those damn answers. We all watched them steal the election in real time from the American People. We watched the media help in this coup charade. They are crying and pissing and moaning to other news sources but they are mums the word on their interference to assist in the 2020 Presidential Election Steal.

Farmers to Families was an amazing program that helped feed families through the onslaught of the Con-vid Plandemic, anymore questions as living in the middle of the U.S. I have met with families who have used received and been grateful for the food and it was not rotten etc. She helped with the distribution of the boxes. These minions and they know who they are, attacked our Presidents Daughter for feeding the homeless and needy in communities across America. What does that tell you. Do your own research and keep praying for our President Donald J. Trump.