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British Fang Fang is Named by MI5 in letter issuing warning to Members of Parliament in the U. K.

Our Nation understands that we were attacked with a bio weapon that originated in Wuhan, China and Created By Anthony Fauci , Funded Bat lady through funding from NIH AND NAID, 1999. We understand that the Chinese People and the CCP are committing atrocities in association with the World Economic Forum and Elites from all over the world. There are more of us than there are of them and the truth will be known.

PFSER from CHINA CCP and we were infiltrated in this same way by the CCP all the way up to the federal levels it has been in the news for all to see who would see it. From Swallwell and Fang Fang to the millions of CCP members who have infiltrated all over the world under the guise of helping when its nothing more than a