March 30, 2023


God, Guns & Country


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* It’s A Near Death Experience For America * Casino Royale For Planet Earth *

Q: What Can You Say About McAfee
Q: What Do You Think Of Klaus Schwab’s Goals For 2026
Q: Is Hillary Going To Jail
Q: Can We Stop The Globalist’s Agenda
Q: Is Putin A White Hat
Q: Is Ukraine The ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’
Q: Is NESARA/GESARA Going To Be A Reality
Q: Is What’s Happening In Canada Going To Happen In America With The Trucker Convoy
Q: Are We Going To See The EBS Happen
Q: What Do You Expect To See Gas Prices Rise To
Q: Will 2020 Be Fixed > Will Trump Be Reinstated
Q: Is GITMO Already Receiving Prisoners
Q: Are All The Truthers To Be Trusted
Q: Is General Flynn A ‘Good Guy’ Or ‘Bad Guy’
Q: Will There Be A Military Response If They Decertify The Election
Q: Are You Expecting The U.N. To Be Called In


Juan O Savin

David Nino Rodriguez

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