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THE NWO IS PANICKING! We can see how they SOROS BACKED STATE ATTORNEY GENERALS, gotten into our elections system in COLORADO.

The Nazi’s are screaming because they got caught and no one is believing their lies anymore!

The World is waking up to the New World Order AKA NAZI WORLD ORDER they have been secretly funding through NATO and the US!

The Nazi’s Soros and Schwabe and the World Banking Cabal and others initiated a plan to take over the world yes like out of a spy novel. They created and developed bio-labs one in particular was created funded and pushed through by then Jr. Senator from Illinois, Barak Obama in ODESSA Ukraine a Level 4 Bio Lab that was before Obama became President of the United States. Look it up.

They have been found out trying to frame China and Russia and looks like XI and PUTIN caught the NWO with their Pants Down.

On the 9th of March the Chinese Foreign Ministry came out a shared its findings.

The United Nations Called and Emergency Meeting to which each country made their views known

The United States denied the allegations but the People of the United States know the Truth. They do not Trust the NWO’s Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama Machine.