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Just because Fake News won’t report President Trumps success with the Red Wave we thought we would point out some interesting and historical facts coming out of this midterm election.

This an Election Map from the 2022 Mideterms from CNN. I see a red wave, do you? Just because they won’t call it doesn’t mean it not happening. RED WAVE in 2016, RED WAVE in 2020, RED WAVE in 2022.

NOTE* RESULTS are still comin in.

They think they are the GOP. Unfortunate for them and extremely fortunate for the American People. Somehow these elitists in the GOP think they have some say these days in the public domain as a representative of We the People. Now before you go saying I am wrong, or I cannot prove it.

President Donald J. Trump was elected in 2016 and those he endorsed at that time also won offices across the nation. I do not have those stats in front of me.

However, I do have the 2020 stats from the general election in which he endorsed 219 and then in 2022 =174 those who have won so far.

add those together,

and look at just how many seats are in the house 435 and in the senate 100 half of those are democrats so that leaves roughly 285 house and senate combined for the GOP right… And how many Trumps’ America First Candidates got through?

2020-2022 = 393 So far and we are not done yet. Does not include 2016 Gen Election stats.


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